We're Superheroes

Ifeanyi Christwin Jr
Founder, CEO

Head of Data Analytics at Switch Electric. Spearheading company's efforts to streamline Nigeria's energy infrastructure, introducing soft energy paths and access economies to improve efficiency of power distribution while reducing carbon footprint.

Glory Uchechukwu (Uchechi) Amadife
Head of Human Resources and Finance /UI UX Designer (Co-Founder)

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Anosike Mmerichukwu Nnaebuka
Web and Business Developer (Co-Founder)

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Afam Daniel Madu
Change Director

As a Change Director, I am of the Objective to develop Strategies through design thinking, thought experiments, Research and Probabilistic decision making taken on daily and holistic bases.

God'sdelight JUDE
Hardware expect

I am responsible for PCB designing, schematic capture and Hardware feasibility testing at switch

Isaac J. Newton
Chief Technology Officer

I believe in taking the world to the next through the power energy and data.

Clinton designs
Battery Expert

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